Faces of Joey – A Study of One Man’s Face

Friday, November 7, 2014 Permalink 0

Well it’s Friday which means today it’s about art at Orno Vita. When I created this blog I wanted to add my own portfolios to a gallery page but it seemed self-indulgent so I thought better of it. Shameless self-indulgence is not entirely beneath me though, so today I dedicate this post to one of my portfolios, Faces of Joey.

Joey is my partner in life, and he has a fabulous face. True, I’m biased but I think you’ll see what I mean. Here are 7 shots of him we took over a couple of days as he shaved his face to create different characters.

Irish Joey - Faces of Joey

Irish Joey

Cocky Joey - Faces of Joey

Cocky Joey

Hipster Joey - Faces of Joey

Hipster Joey

Happy Joey - Faces of Joey

Happy Joey

Skeptical Joey - Faces of Joey

Skeptical Joey

Biker Joey - Faces of Joey

Biker Joey

That’s my man.

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