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Wallpaper is back baby, and it’s not going away soon. There are so many great new wallpapers out there, awesome contemporary patterns and prints. Wallpaper adds instant character, makes a statement, and completely changes the energy of a room, all without taking up any space.

One of the coolest companies out there is The Detroit Wallpaper Co., which has grown quickly because of their awesomeness. Their website is super innovative, where you can customize every pattern with about 80 of their defined colors and see the pattern update before your eyes. They also sell rugs that match, and now their doing tables and accessories as well. Here are but a few examples of their papers…

Detroit Wallpaper Willow Room Image

Willow Room from Detroit Wallpaper

Music wall room by Detroit Wallpaper

Music Wall Room from Detroit Wallpaper

Dia de los Muertos Room by Detroit Wallpaper

Dia de los Muertos Room from Detroit Wallpaper

Another really cool company is Rollout from Toronto. They say they “push the limits of how graphics and technology are applied to space”, and that my friends speaks to me. Rollout does a lot of commercial work (as does Detroit Wallpaper), but they’re worth consideration if your project is large enough. Here are just a few of their fab designs…

Map of Paris Wallpaper from Rollout

Map of Paris from Rollout

Indoor Garden Wallpaper from Rollout

Indoor Garden from Rollout

Custom Wallpaper - a poem by P.K. Page celebrating the work of E.E. Cummings from Rollout

Custom – a poem by P.K. Page celebrating the work of E.E. Cummings from Rollout

Rollout’s client list is really impressive as are the variety of materials they print with, including (but not limited to):

  • Metallic Vinyl
  • Opaque & Transparent Window Film
  • Floor Vinyl with Anti-Skid Lamination
  • Metallic Leafing
  • Fabric
  • 3D printing

Some more traditional manufacturers are also doing beautiful, contemporary prints. Companies like Graham & Brown, Farrow & Ball, Wall & Deco, Barnaby Gates, and Marburg to name a few. These are two from Graham & Brown

Barbara Hulanicki Designed Skulls Wallpaper from Graham & Brown

Barbara Hulanicki – Skulls from Graham & Brown

It’s true I like skulls, but this lattice print is also gorgeous!

Marcel Wanders - Heart and Tulip Birch Wallpaper from Graham & Brown

Marcel Wanders – Heart and Tulip Birch from Graham & Brown

Then I get really excited about Wall & Deco. They are so fantastic, I could go on and on… but here are five that I love…

Chui Wallpaper from Wall & Deco

Chui from Wall & Deco

Gouache Wallpaper from Wall & Deco

Gouache from Wall & Deco

Eau Nouveau Wallpaper from Wall & Deco

Eau Nouveau from Wall & Deco

Archive It Wallpaper from Wall & Deco

Archive It from Wall & Deco

Replicate Wallpaper from Wall & Deco

Replicate from Wall & Deco

The point is that when you’re redecorating any room in the house, wallpaper is a functional alternative to paint, helping transform the space into an experience. And there are so many great brands doing such exciting things!

Bottom line: this isn’t your grandma’s wallpaper anymore.

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