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Christopher Guy creates some of the world’s finest designer furnishings and décor, and their catalogue is as extensive as it is truly unique. The pieces are stunning in some of the world’s finest hotels and resorts from Las Vegas to Dubai, and also breathtaking in ever so elegant private residences.

Christopher Guy Showroom

Christopher Guy Showroom

Visualizing space, more specifically visualizing furnishings and décor within a space is a topic dear to my heart and the Christopher Guy website has some of the best tools I’ve seen to help with this. For a while now they’ve had a tool where you can put illustrated products in front of a wall and put together a 2 dimensional scene. To find this tool (it’s not obvious) click on any product in their catalogue and you’ll find an illustrated scene below the product info. Select the illustration and you get a tool to edit it and bring in other pieces. It looks like this and it’s pretty cool.


2D Wall Planner

But there’s more. The website has 3 great (and I mean great) new tools for designers and people like me who love to play with beautiful things. Here’s a brief overview on each.


1. iMoodBoard

An intuitive and powerful moodboard creator. Christopher Guy has a few of their own moodboards for inspiration but making your own is really fun partly because it’s so easy. What’s especially nice is that removing the white background from each product shot uses the best tool for that I’ve seen on the web, so layering products doesn’t block out others with white.

Moodboard Image

Understanding How it Works

And you can add text, swatches and more.

Christopher Guy Pre-Designed Moodboard Image

Christopher Guy Pre-Designed Moodboard


2. iPlan

You create your room size and shape, and the pieces go in automatically to scale, so knowing what pieces will work spatially is really simple. You can see detail on any piece in the room by selecting it. I put this room together in about 10 minutes and what took the longest was picking my pieces.

Image of a Christopher Guy iPlan

My quick iPlan


3. iProposal

A list of the products you’ve picked. You can add notes and share it with others making for easy collaboration because each list is filed under separate projects. Awesome.

iProposal - Christopher Guy

iProposal – Christopher Guy

Like I said, I’m a person who greatly appreciates visualization tools (insert shameless plug for SuiteQ), and I love what Christopher Guy is doing. It helps everyone so everybody wins. Kudos to iDesigned for making such great software.

I toured the Christopher Guy permanent showroom at High Point Market and honestly it was tough to keep my jaw off the floor. Each piece is so exquisite with the finest materials and stunning craftsmanship. You get a good sense of that quality in pictures, but up close it’s beyond. Seriously.

Sofia Chaise Lounge by Christopher Guy

Sofia Chaise Lounge by Christopher Guy

If nothing else, go to and play. You’ll have fun!

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