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A company like Natural Curiosities Art House is pretty rare. Rare because they’re an art factory but produce beautiful high quality works, each piece by hand. True to it’s name, the work focuses on natural themes and the man at the helm is Christopher Wilcox.

Christopher Wilcox - Photo Courtesy of Restoration Hardware

Christopher Wilcox – Photo Courtesy of Restoration Hardware

Born in England, Christopher went to school in Oxford before studying at the London School of Printing. He then travelled extensively and started collecting natural history prints, paintings and artifacts from the 16th century up to the present (there’s now over 60,000!).

Natural Curiosities Prints - Photography by Daniel Moody

Prints – Photography by Daniel Moody

After moving to California, Christopher found himself at the forefront of an emerging lifestyle movement around self-sufficiency, sustainability and utilizing self-expression to influence the world in a positive direction. This was part of the impetus for him to open Natural Curiosities Art House in 2005.

Using both traditional and digital tools, the artists at Natural Curiosities scan and manipulate pieces of Christopher’s collection into prints and mixed media works. The resulting pieces are organic, rooted in the elements and histories of our world, and each distinctly beautiful.

Natural Curiosities Work in Progress - Photography by Daniel Moody

Work in Progress – Photography by Daniel Moody

Christopher believes that ‘art is not a decorative accessory, but an essential part of design and (in their case), work full of soul made by people who love what they do’. Natural Curiosities now has well over 20 artists working on leafing, silk-screening, printing, and painting. Watch the gold-leafing in action:

Art from Natural Curiosities is currently sold in over 20 Countries worldwide and continues to introduce cutting edge collections for the most sophisticated palates. Interior designers and decorators throughout the U.S. are some of Natural Curiosities biggest clients. The quality, the organic nature of the work, and the aesthetic flexibility are some of the reasons decorators love working with them.

Silkscreening - Photography by Daniel Moody

Silkscreening – Photography by Daniel Moody

Because each piece is custom-made, you’ll likely wait over a month (sometimes two) to receive it, but at least you know that when it arrives it’s a unique piece that is made by an artists hand.

Here are 2 of my favorite examples of their work. The room scenes give an idea of scale.



Natural Curiosities Banana Leaves - Gold Leaf

Banana Leaves – Gold Leaf

Don’t stop here, check out more of Natural Curiosities work on their website and see who’s selling Natural Curiosities nearest you.

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